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ADRA Change Architects® Coaching

At ADRA Change Architects® we offer three levels of coaching.

  1. Platinum Coaching Experience™
    Designed for Vice-Presidents who have aspirations to be Presidents, CEOs or COOs, this completely customized coaching experience joins the forces of Roz Usheroff, noted Leadership Specialist and Beth Banks Cohn, PhD. In this 9-month program you will gain the insights and make the changes needed to move to the next level.
  2. ADRA® Executive Coaching
    Do you want to take your performance and productivity to the next level? Do you feel stuck at your level and unclear about what will take you higher in your organization? As a Vice-President, Director or equivalent in your organization, you may have discovered that the skills that got you there are different than the skills you now need to succeed and make a difference. During this 9-month program, Dr. Beth Banks Cohn will work personally with you to achieve success as you define it.
  3. For Levels 1 & 2, call us at (732) 786-8223 or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


  4. ADRA TLC™ Advantage
    Executive Coaching is an expensive prospect and often reserved for those at the highest levels in an organization. Studies show, however, that Managers would benefit greatly from a coaching experience early on in their careers. In this unique and groundbreaking program, individuals will receive ADRA TLC™ - Technology Leveraged Coaching – designed specifically for the manager and senior individual contributor levels and the challenges they face.
  5. For Level 3, visit Click Here


How do I know which coaching program is right for me?


  1. I am a Vice-President in a small organization. I don’t want to become the company president, but would like to take my performance to the next level – perhaps even moving to a larger organization at the same level. Which coaching program is right for me?

    Answer: ADRA Executive Coaching is probably the right program for you. It will give you vital information that will help you take your performance higher as well as help you build skills that will transfer to a larger organization. The program is completely customized to your development goals and you will get as much out of it as you put into it!
  2. I am already a company president but I aspire to be the CEO. Will The Platinum Coaching Experience™ help me do that?

    Answer: Absolutely. With two noted coaching experts guiding you every step of the way, you will co-create the transformation experience you desire. If you are truly serious about examining your current leadership and open to making the changes necessary to not only become the CEO, but become an amazing CEO, then The Platinum Coaching Experience™ is the program for you.
  3. My company doesn’t usually hire Executive Coaches for Manager level individuals. How can I justify this expense and convince my manager it is worth it?

    Answer: The ADRA TLC™ Advantage program is designed to be cost effective and give a high rate of return. For the cost of many week-long "development" programs, you will receive a 9-month coaching experience customized for your current needs. Executive Coaching for the manager level is over-kill. The ADRA TLC™ Advantage program gives you level appropriate feedback, self-awareness tools and coaching conversations that will help you make the changes you wish.
  4. I am an HR Manager and my company is interested in putting 20 of our managers through your program as part of a larger development program in the company. Can you customize your coaching to fit in with our program?

    Answer: We would welcome an opportunity to partner with you as you develop 20 of your managers. We are always open to talking about how The ADRA TLC™ Advantage program can enhance your work. Please call us at: 732-786-8223 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  5. We are interested in licensing your program and have our in-house coaches use the software to deliver The ADRA TLC™ Advantage program, is that possible?

    Answer: As long as you are committed to having your coaches coach the ADRA® way, we are happy to discuss the possibilities.


Beth Banks Cohn, PhD, founder and president of ADRA Change Architects, is dedicated to helping you and your organization reach your full business potential…
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ChangeSmart™ Advantage

Change is a fact of life today in business, but that doesn’t make it any easier to carry out successfully. ChangeSmart™ is a framework, a way to approach change. It is a roadmap for success.
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